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We offer various Ergonomic solutions for your home and office. Choose your prefered desktop materials from Solid wood, Laminate & get ergonomic chairs that best fits your needs.

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Height adjustable desk (Highest) - White

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This comfortable desk is build to get a friendly workstation with maximum ergonomics, which plays an important role in your everyday life. Ergonomic workstation ensures the overall better health, wellness and increased productivity.

Desk dimensions
Desktop finish
  • White
Frame color
  • Grey
  • White

Size Chart
Size Chart

Stay healthy with
an ergonomic workplace

Comfortable computing starts with paying attention to your body's experience.
Check what is the best desk height for your body.

Standing desk features

  • • Long lasting, convenient desktop surface made from high pressure laminate. worktops are made from recycled materials that can be used wherever high demands are made on surface resistance and durability. It’s perfect material for any project. Thanks to their hygienic advantages, the classic areas of application are in modern kitchens and bathrooms, canteens in laboratories and shop fitting, but also good to use for industrial and commercial workplaces.
  • • Electric three stage frame delivers an expanded height range of 650 mm (~25.6") and also these three stage frames are faster and much quieter than a two stage frames.
  • • Quiet three stage electric frame with soft start and soft stop drive that you can find in each leg that raising and lowering desk height with an energy efficient electronic power unit.
  • • One drive in each leg (column) makes standing desks much quieter, safer, more stable and reliable standing desks. So if your desk has two legs then it has two motors and if it’s three legs standing desk it has 3 motors, which means more lifting power and of course more stability.
  • • Telescopic height adjustable frame is width adjustable so users can fit the frame to different worktops, make them smaller or expand in the near future.
  • • Anti-collision sensors with automatic back-off detect if your standing desk has some resistance on the way up or down and will automatically back off in case there’s an obstacle.
  • • Crossbar of a desk is positioned directly where the frame meets the worktop so you have more comfortable space for your legs.
  • • Every desk is made using environmentally friendly methods.
  • • products are assembled from locally and globally sourced parts in EU and shipped within Europe straight to your home or business.

Height adjustable standing desk

Move more and get better and healthier with height adjustable desk. Many researches have revealed that standing makes you feel better and makes you more productive. products adapted technologies to the physical needs of each individual and today with a one push of a button you can easily change the height of every our standing desk to your preferable position. With smart desks you can easily get statistics how long you’ve been standing and how long you’ve been sitting, count your own calories. According to your set preferences get reminders when you wish to sit or stand. Besides all team can offer full selection of any available worktops for custom orders and standard long lasting and convenient desktop surfaces that are made from high pressure laminate, that are scratch and liquid resistant. These desktops are available in many different finishes like dark walnut, light oak, light American oak, chocolate Sonoma, light beech, oak Sonoma, white or black. desktops can be offered in:

  • 1. Compact high-pressure laminate (HPL)
  • 2. Worktop with particleboard core surface bonded with highly resistant HPL (most popular)
  • 3. Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) core surface bonded with highly resistant HPL
  • 4. Solid wood desktops

The Three-Stage Desk Frame Advantages

Many height adjustable desks have only a two stage frame, which gives limited adjustability in desk height. This can prevent you from working in your ideal posture, which is important for your comfort and long term health. There’s always much better ergonomic setup you can get with three stage frame. Our three stage frame descends lower and lifts higher, and is 33,41% faster to adjust height. Each leg has its own motor which also ensures that our frames can lift more weight, are quieter, more reliable, and safer than other standing desks. Our standard frames colors are white, grey and black and if you admire to match your desk to the interior design with custom bulk order we can create them in your preferable color.
All this together creates the best standing desk available, one which will have you working better, living healthier, and, most importantly, enjoying total peace of mind.

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Advanced Digital Memory Keypad

Every desk standard keypad with push of a button can lift a desk up or down to your preferred sit or stand height. Smart Desks have additional possibilities that can show you reminders (on your desktop application or smartphone app) when to change position based on preferred standing targeted time. smart desk app helps you to collect statistics regarding sit and stand time, and the number of position changes made during a day. It also helps keeping track of calories you burned. Smart Desks application displays the current height of your height adjustable desk and is capable of storing up to 2 user-defined heights in its memory (sitting and standing positions). This means you can reach your standing and sitting heights with the single push of a button on your screen! It's also perfect for shared workstations. Login* with your user and your chosen desk will know all setting that you set for yourself. Make your day more productive with smart desk.
*To use application internet connection is required. All user setting and data are stored in cloud service.

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Data sheet

Table top recommended width (minimum)
800 mm
Table top recommended width (maximum)
2000 mm
Table top recommended depth (minimum)
500 mm
Table top recommended depth (maximum)
1000 mm
Stroke (desk height adjustement)
650 mm
Speed depending on the desk load
28 - 40 mm/sec
Soft start
Gliding System
Helps to avoid scratches on the columns at least for 10 000 cycles
Maximum loading per one leg
60 kg
Maximum loading per desk
100 kg
Height adjustable frame height (Minimum)
617 mm, excluded feet and table top
Height adjustable frame height (Maximum)
1267 mm, excluded feet and table top
Height adjustable Desk height (Minimum)
642 mm
Height adjustable Desk height (Maximum)
1292 mm
Feet length
700 mm
Feet manual height adjustment
up to 10 mm
Noise Level
43 dB
Product silence
38 dB
3 stage column
Electronic control unit
Two buttons without memory
Power cable length
Power unit
Power unit
110 - 240V
50 / 60 Hz
35 V DC
Power plug
CE, UL, FCC, Level IV, CC
Equipment operating cycle
Max 1 min ON & 9 min OFF
Operating temperature
Indoor: from 15 up to 35 celsius (°C)
Energy Usage on standby (2 legs)
0,45 W
Maximum operating energy usage
320 W

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